Rising Pheonix!

Things seem to find a way of happening just right for Kiss Me Comix!We are pleased to announce that Lip Service will return back to it’s podcasting roots! 

Thanks to #Serenade creator, Barbara Coney-Jenkins who found #Stitcher.com, the new home for Lip Service on internet radio!  Kiss Me Comix received confirmation , now you can get  LipService on PC, laptop,  Android or Apple mobile device.

What does that mean for the YouTube version of Lip Service? Improvement, You’ll actually get to see the guest(s) talk about topics that affect the industry, review of comics with actual artwork pictures, expanded content from the podcast. It won’t be the same show twice.

For those who have listened to the podcasts, the average length of a show was about forty minutes. The video version usually about an hour. Kiss Me Comix intends to keep the format the same, until listener demand necessitates changes.

Lip Service has has great guests from all walks of the comics scene, Jamal Igle, Jeff Balke, Joe Staton, Tom and Gary Gianni just to name a few, and Lip Service will always keep you up to date with the new faces entering the comic scene, providing you with news and updates of the who’s who of the indy scene.

Get in and up to speed on Lip Service on Stitcher! Get the free ap at Google Play or I-tunes, you can also listen to Stitcher on your PC.

Finally as we upgrade kissmecomix.com in the next month you’ll be able to listen Lip Service on Kissmecomix.com via Stitcher and on the blog. The KMC Universe just got bigger! Join Us! Go to our stitcher site!

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