KMC needs YOU!!


Officially started our campaign to get 2014 off on the right foot, looking forward to making things bigger and better for our readers, spread the word about KMC and what we’re going to accomplish. share this if the link doesn’t copy  and paste below.

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We wish all of you guys a joyous Christmas and Blessed New Year.


Tonight we launch our indiegogo campaign, hope to God we reach our goal. Also sent off  our second order for #Amazon, that’ll reach them over the weekend.

Also found a program that’ll flip our PDF’s into e-book format so we can get folks who have a nook or kindle to download and red our books. Was thinking about putting them on Amazon exclusively, but the catch is that only Amazon can carry it, we couldn’t list it on our own website. That for me is a big no-no, we want folks to come and with all that we will have going on soon it be worth it. I’m also finishing off the new web template  as well it’ll look waaaayyyyy better the anything else we’ve done simple, yet bold and colorful with easy to read content, and the link will work better so we’ll see.

Slow moving

Spent time changing the banners on the site for #C2E2, getting set for 2014, now I really need to get those recorded shows up and running for Lip Service. I have 4 recorded now to edit them and get them ready. I want to redo the intro for them.

While updating the banners, I keep looking at the current site and the newer update, and really liking the newer version more and more, I think readers will like the change too. we’ll see. There’s more that has to be done.

I also came across an old fight from that’s over 8 years old, and re-reading, I see stubbornness on my part, but at the same time pride in what we do, and readers being readers. The people commenting missed the point about Lynx and Spectrum, they were done by our children who were 12 and 10 at the time, and I promised them that I would publish their work if they got good grades. Well they did and I did. I’m glad I did Bountyhunter on my own even with my skills, it kept the blip out there for me to meet and get Darrell Goza’s attention, and look at what he did with Bountyhunter.

I still say we are a work in progress, a we will always need to get better not just for our readers, but for us as well. That’s what people do, and if no one sees how we’ve grown, at the least we see it.

Amazon bound

Kiss Me Comix titles are finally headed for Amazon. Kiss Me Comix created individual serial numbers at no cost for their individual issues, and Serenade, Bountyhunter, and Excessive Force are listed and available in Amazon.

The next step will be for ALL KISS ME COMIX BOOKS TO BE AVAILABLE FOR NOOK AND KINDLE IN THE UPCOMING WEEKS! The conversions will also be available for Kiss Me Comix direct as download options for books, and will open up many more digital ideas.