Events up to 8/26-8/27

Just found out that #Itunes no longer carries our podcast of Lip Service, so what we plan to do is put them on our #YouTube channel starting from the first and weekly get another up! Revisit some of our guests and maybe we can get some former guests to give us an update!

Also, got episode 3 of computer upgrade done, and will have that posted on YouTube soon, almost done building this system can’t wait. Also have to upgrade. In fact people can watch it now:

Finally they young man who we finally sent books to called us over the weekend to say, thanks. He didn’t have to, especially after all the delay in us getting that to him. Talked to him briefly, I’ll try to contact him this weekend when ! have more time.

Weekend update

Well after 4 tries KMC Finally opened our bank account, still it’s not without hassle, but now we have a spot to put sales from online and cons! Thanks to all of you who have ever bought anything from Kiss Me Comix!

The money will be used to ensure that KMC gives our readers the best damn Calgon moment, and give your imagination muscle a good workout.

Share KMC with your friends and family when able, and for those who want to try and are ultra-cheap, ask us for a free sample, we have no qualms about that. You can reach us

Also, powered up new motherboard, so far so good, but no display showing,  even double checked to make sure the processor was in right, now I gotta, hunt for an adapter, and wasted a good 24 minutes of taping, PFFT!

#kissmecomix, #computer

New web layout video tour

We decided it would best to use a video to show what will look like in the upcoming weeks. We need your feedback. Let us know what you like, what you’d like to see, and what could be done better.

Help shape the KMC Universe, watch the video here: and let us know enjoy!

Also, keep checking our YouTube, channel for part 3 of our computer upgrade.

Working up new template

Been trying to figure out how to best show the new web template to all our readers, screenshots doesn’t show the page right, plus with still being a template all the integrated snippets will only work when being show via a live browser.

Then while rearranging some things, got an idea, why do i just do a quick video for the sneak peek, and hone skills and hopefully generate some interest into the whole look and progress. While doing all this rearranging, noticing that perhaps from a content standpoint we garner MORE content with LESS pages, looking to see if certain pages can be combined, or just left off all together.

Also working on taping hopefully third and final part for our computer upgrade, although I see it becoming a four part as i show how to install windows.

Getting Blog up to speed

There has been so much so let’s start from the beginning:

1) Web site was down due to being unemployed.

2) Finally got all of our books in Amazon!

3) Huge person who helped Kiss Me Comix get off the ground, passed    away in May.

4) Been posting and trying to keep up to date on Facebook, Google and Twiiter.

5) had rough time at C2E2

5a) Got square readers for C2E2, and in doing opens up doors for KMC to be better able to handle e-commerce and save over $400.00 a year!

6) Rebuilding main PC and airing progress on our YouTube channel

7) Finally got website back on-line

8) designed new T-shirt designs for Serenade and Excessive-Force

9) Got attacked and robbed Last month dealing with recovery, and such

10) reorganizing site and web commerce to be better and come out less expensive for Kiss Me Comix.

So far that’s the top of the list, and all within a span of a few months! Hope that the good Lord will continue things more on a positive trend.