Birthday Introspection

Today i celebrate the first moment I drew breath in this existence, and on the train, headed to my day job, I saw a young baby with her mother, and the mother was keeping the child entertained. The baby being riveted to mom, made me think (then my head hurt) :

1) When we start out we’re always looking up, to the new thing in our lives, looking for hope, looking for instruction, because everything is taller than we are.

2) As we get older we look straight ahead, we know where we want to go, we are sure of our abilities, we are seen as equal to our peers, we see all that can be ours.

3) Then as time goes we tend to look down, disappointments and events sap our will to go on, our backs ache, we say our final goodbyes to loved ones, the uncertainty of what lies ahead for our lives, and perhaps knowing that we’re reaching the end.

We have choices in life, and those choices be they good or bad, come with consequences, which you accept to deal with making those decisions. As I step closer to the other side of 50, I refuse to hold me head down, I refuse to fade quietly into the night, I will continue to hold my head up and straight ahead, as there is a lot of work yet undone, where victory to God will be snatched from defeat, and I will walk with my head high knowing that the grace and Blessing of God himself has lead me across to a better land.

if you find this inspirational share it (print it out) give to someone who may need to have a boost of strength to push on, or to push away from the darkness. Happy New Year.

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