KMC- My Life Matters Movement

Malcolm X once stated that …”You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.” Kiss Me Comix stands by being part of the solution with articles of the 4E Mandate listed in the KMC Universal Charter.

  • Entertain
  • Empower
  • Educate
  • Enlighten

It was the spate of violence in the Chicagoland area nearly 20 years ago, that gave part of the impetus that led to the creation of Kiss Me Comix.

Once again nearly 20 years later, that same violence, gives the impetus for the evolution of Kiss Me Comix. We have been moved by the senseless loss of life among African-Americans, in particular the innocent young lives. Furthermore, the recent increase of mass shootings, that have reached epidemic proportions, not just across the country, but on a global scale. Also, the disappearance of human civility towards one another is present, in our politics, religion, and seems to be ingrained in the culture of modern era man.

The total disregard of life seems to be the rule NOT the exception of the 21st Century… UNTIL NOW!

Kiss Me Comix announces its stand to help those who disagree with the direction of where things are going with hate being the norm rather than the exception, to show that the human existence is special and precious to all, regardless, of race,creed,gender,religion,non-religion, or sexual preference.

MY Life Matters™, is a line of items, handcrafted by Serenade creator Barbara Coney-Jenkins, themed with the importance of life. The wearer shows their support of his/her life being important, and the recognition that the lives of others are equally as important, and these existences have the God given right to be treated treated with civility, respect, and human decency. Items can also be placed on backpacks, or used as home decor, thus showing your support for the My Life Matters™ cause.

Harlequin sash

My Life Matters The Harlequin Sash


puth the guns down

My Life Matters
Put the guns down sash

The items will consist of wearable sashes, bracelets, keychains, T-shirts with My Life Matters logo will be coming in the upcoming weeks. Sashes, keychains, and bracelets, can be made to fit any style, or preference. Portions of each purchase (20%) will be donated to various anti-violence organizations in Chicago, or purchasers local area.


Items are currently available in KMC’s square store which is located Here-KMC Square store, Soon these items will be migrated to KMC’s Facebook page, which you can find  here

any questions concerning My Life Matters™, can be answered via Skype: kissmecomix, Twitter: @kissmecomix, or via e-mail:


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