KMC-U open tour

For a Limited time Kiss Me Comix is having an open tour of the KMC Universe, so what does that mean for you?

Simple, until the end of May those who have been wanting to try out Kiss Me Comix but have been afraid, cheap, or whatever the case can click and read.  Only here are all three books will be clickable and readable all at once anywhere else it one at a time.

Share with everyone who loves a great escape from the ordinary,  and troubles of life, enjoy the ride.

The tour features 3 of our most read issues click to select and read right away, hope you stay in our little slice of reality.

Serenade 0-Shadow of Death

Bountyhunter 0-Genesis pt 1

Excessive Force- Special

New look for


With much work and time we are able to show off what the new look for will look like. The links are not fully working, but will be when the complete site is ready. we want to show you our readers, that we aren’t just sitting around waiting!

Look, and let us know what you like, and what could be done better, and we’ll make it happen,  send your comments to, those whose send in comments will get a free digital download of a Kiss Me Comix title. You can view the new look here.

First for blog

Today, (actually yesterday) got the first bit of Spam comments on this blog, don’t know whether to happy or angry about that. We post only when we have something to say, and it is of some type of importance. Also, it pisses me off that these cheap bums use our site to make a buck off it without paying us. We spend a LOT OF TIME working on this site, even though at the moment it may not seem like it but we are do, and if we got the advertising support that we needed, or even book support, then things would be different!

God willing, things will make a change in the right direction

Live taping of Lip Servcie


Join us on Super Sunday, before all the glitz, fanfare and lunacy, and be part of out virtual studio audience, as we talk with Tedd Walley, and some announcements coming from Lip Service!

Join us for an open discussion via #chat and #twitter, plus new things coming on the horizon for Lip Service and the Kiss Me Comix