KMC- My Life Matters Movement

Malcolm X once stated that …”You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.” Kiss Me Comix stands by being part of the solution with articles of the 4E Mandate listed in the KMC Universal Charter.

  • Entertain
  • Empower
  • Educate
  • Enlighten

It was the spate of violence in the Chicagoland area nearly 20 years ago, that gave part of the impetus that led to the creation of Kiss Me Comix.

Once again nearly 20 years later, that same violence, gives the impetus for the evolution of Kiss Me Comix. We have been moved by the senseless loss of life among African-Americans, in particular the innocent young lives. Furthermore, the recent increase of mass shootings, that have reached epidemic proportions, not just across the country, but on a global scale. Also, the disappearance of human civility towards one another is present, in our politics, religion, and seems to be ingrained in the culture of modern era man.

The total disregard of life seems to be the rule NOT the exception of the 21st Century… UNTIL NOW!

Kiss Me Comix announces its stand to help those who disagree with the direction of where things are going with hate being the norm rather than the exception, to show that the human existence is special and precious to all, regardless, of race,creed,gender,religion,non-religion, or sexual preference.

MY Life Matters™, is a line of items, handcrafted by Serenade creator Barbara Coney-Jenkins, themed with the importance of life. The wearer shows their support of his/her life being important, and the recognition that the lives of others are equally as important, and these existences have the God given right to be treated treated with civility, respect, and human decency. Items can also be placed on backpacks, or used as home decor, thus showing your support for the My Life Matters™ cause.

Harlequin sash

My Life Matters The Harlequin Sash


puth the guns down

My Life Matters
Put the guns down sash

The items will consist of wearable sashes, bracelets, keychains, T-shirts with My Life Matters logo will be coming in the upcoming weeks. Sashes, keychains, and bracelets, can be made to fit any style, or preference. Portions of each purchase (20%) will be donated to various anti-violence organizations in Chicago, or purchasers local area.


Items are currently available in KMC’s square store which is located Here-KMC Square store, Soon these items will be migrated to KMC’s Facebook page, which you can find  here

any questions concerning My Life Matters™, can be answered via Skype: kissmecomix, Twitter: @kissmecomix, or via e-mail:


Kiss Me Comix -Comixology

After 18 years of publishing Kiss me Comix has been always in the background chugging along producing Graphic Adventures (aka comics), and the mantras have been ” we ain’t the comics you daddy used to read!” “Our stories, our way.” The latter has met with debate as many view the statement as being without no form of standard or accountability.

Well suffice to say that Kiss Me Comix has always held itself accountable and to high standards to where sometimes it takes time for our concepts be fully understood.  A while back Kiss Me Comix submitted work to a then up and coming group in the digital comicbook download game called Comixology, and was summarily rejected as the stated that Kiss Me Comix didn’t match up to their standards. Ironic that the work of Serenade, which had been compared to a certain artist with the last name of Mack not being good enough. Stunned, KMC did what it always done, found readers who would do and get what our message is: Our goal is to Entertain, Empower, Educate, and Enlighten our readers through our work, that is our Universal 4E mandate. 

Kiss me Comix would move onto Amazon through their Comic Creator  (kindle) application, and Amazon  consignment where we have had success, then in a strange twist of fate Amazon buys Comixology.

Perseverance, would be called stubbornness in some circles, sometimes you know what you have is special, and if you don’t believe in what you do, no one else will!

Thus Kiss Me Comix  through the strong conviction of the partners and YOU OUR READERS, are pleased as punch to announce that you can now find Serenade on Comixology!

Serenade, our Flagship title, our heavy hitter, has once again set the stage for continued growth and evolution of Kiss Me Comix as a Graphic Adventure Publisher. Please share your KMC reading experience with the world and support one most prolific indie publishers who have stood the test of time. Follow the link to start reading and sharing Serenade on Comixology, the support you give now, goes towards the continued advancement of the Serenade storyline, and other KMC projects.  Follow the link to start enjoying one the most dramatic, emotional, powerful stories you’ll ever read. Serenade 0 on Comixology

To our loyal readers thank for your continued support, without YOU there is no Kiss Me Comix, for new readers, we will continue to strive to satisfy your reading and multi-media entertainment needs!

Excelsior Spoon!

Kiss Me Comix on Amazon update

Kiss Me Comix has expanded its presence on Amazon in the form that now you can find Issues available for download in Kindle format. Now our readers can download Serenade issues 0,1, 2 and Bountyhunter 0 onto any Android, Apple device or PC via the Kindle vewer Ap. Eventually the entire Kiss Me Comx Library will be availabe on Kindle, and we will be upgrading our on-line store KMC Direct to have our books available for E-book download.

Visit often to see what issues will next appear for Kindle!

Spoon Excelsior


Make Mine Indy



Kiss Me Comix will be in the Make Mine Indy catalog coming out June 20th, 2016. I almost blew this off, I had gotten notice of this months ago, but having little or no luck before, I thought it to be a waste of time and effort. What made me do this? Doing a recent interview for Lip Service the guys that I interviewed said that they were entering the catalog, and the more I thought about it, I said ‘if we don’t do this no one will know who we are’ plus they had 2000 copies lined up for print going to indie friendly comicbook shops, not to mention on-line.

These are solicits we had made for the catalog, but all they wanted was the graphics and book info, so these won’t be seen in the book, I think they turned out pretty damn good.

KMC-U open tour

For a Limited time Kiss Me Comix is having an open tour of the KMC Universe, so what does that mean for you?

Simple, until the end of May those who have been wanting to try out Kiss Me Comix but have been afraid, cheap, or whatever the case can click and read.  Only here are all three books will be clickable and readable all at once anywhere else it one at a time.

Share with everyone who loves a great escape from the ordinary,  and troubles of life, enjoy the ride.

The tour features 3 of our most read issues click to select and read right away, hope you stay in our little slice of reality.

Serenade 0-Shadow of Death

Bountyhunter 0-Genesis pt 1

Excessive Force- Special

What to do next?

Got Adobe Premiere Pro 3 working, finally! Now putting together the video Version of Lip Service, the codec seem to work fine as i was able to make the intro and play it without any hassle, the logo for the show doesn’t come in too well, bit I think I can fix that. The video interview actually came in way large, but I figured out to handle that.

Now for the review, so what I’m going to do is record the review, not sure where, then splice in the pictures wrap it up in and reference, the podcast, and see what happens.

Now what I need to do is round up enough, people who do comics, and if I can luck out and get a few big names like Mack, Wrightson, Simone, maybe I can gain an audience, most of the folks I’ve previously interviewed are busy, or maybe the show sucked that bad. Not sure what to think.

The main reasons why I wanted to get pro working is this:

  1. With us still moving forward with animation/movie production, this would help greatly in the editing and post editing stages.
  2. Making previews for our work will come easier and now we can really make some dynamic promos.
  3. Thanks to Barbara finding #Stitcher, we can flip our old podcasts to youtube and cross promoted, with prow i can make some clips to move while all the talking goes on got the idea from listening to a show Barbara listens to “online ghost stories”

This is not a fad thing here, this can and will be a key piece in the puzzle to possibly help get us out there a bit more and maybe an audience. The other thing that needs to be done, on this I (ROD) take full blame better use of the resources that we have. Got Serenade converted for a I-pad and Android and only 1 issue so far is on there after months. Can’t do that. The reason for that is petty, looking at the numbers seemed like no one was download the app in the Google play, so got  discouraged and let it lie.

It is hard to keep pushing when you yell at the top of your lungs, and no one seems to be listening, then you see everyone else all around you getting it all with out saying or doing one thing. instant deflate.

Too bad they don’t have inspiration in a pill, I think I’d be the first in line

Getting Blog up to speed

There has been so much so let’s start from the beginning:

1) Web site was down due to being unemployed.

2) Finally got all of our books in Amazon!

3) Huge person who helped Kiss Me Comix get off the ground, passed    away in May.

4) Been posting and trying to keep up to date on Facebook, Google and Twiiter.

5) had rough time at C2E2

5a) Got square readers for C2E2, and in doing opens up doors for KMC to be better able to handle e-commerce and save over $400.00 a year!

6) Rebuilding main PC and airing progress on our YouTube channel

7) Finally got website back on-line

8) designed new T-shirt designs for Serenade and Excessive-Force

9) Got attacked and robbed Last month dealing with recovery, and such

10) reorganizing site and web commerce to be better and come out less expensive for Kiss Me Comix.

So far that’s the top of the list, and all within a span of a few months! Hope that the good Lord will continue things more on a positive trend.




Tonight we launch our indiegogo campaign, hope to God we reach our goal. Also sent off  our second order for #Amazon, that’ll reach them over the weekend.

Also found a program that’ll flip our PDF’s into e-book format so we can get folks who have a nook or kindle to download and red our books. Was thinking about putting them on Amazon exclusively, but the catch is that only Amazon can carry it, we couldn’t list it on our own website. That for me is a big no-no, we want folks to come and with all that we will have going on soon it be worth it. I’m also finishing off the new web template  as well it’ll look waaaayyyyy better the anything else we’ve done simple, yet bold and colorful with easy to read content, and the link will work better so we’ll see.