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Elliot Serrano: Chicago Red Eye Geek To Me Web Blog

whispers page 8

↑ Picture from Whispers vol.1, Get the book, poster, or print from KMC Direct.

Character Fact: Serenade is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and possesses genious intelect- 275 IQ.→

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↑ Scene from Excessive Force 1-Choices pt. 2. Get
the book, poster, or print from KMC Direct.

excessive force sor pg

Character fact:
William Evans (b.k.a Excessive Force) is a weapons technology designer.

KMC universe behavioral regulation 1.0.1: Narrow-minded thinking and actions will not be tolerated within the boundaries of the Kiss Me Comix universe. Violators will be apprehended and subjected to intensive behavioral modification methods (see left). Subjects, upon successful compleation of behavior modification, will be returned back into the society to resume existing within the KMC universe. Subejcts who do not modify successfully will be promptly deported from the KMC universe and/or terminated.

favorite book

Bountyhunter issue 7

While we believe that every issue Kiss Me Comix publishes is totally awesome, there are some that are must reads, or are perfect points of entry into our adventures. Here are some recommendations, click on the cover to get a no cost preview.

Serenade issue 11

↑ Watch Lip Service on the KMC Channel Youtube! Content added beyond the podcast! Like and subscribe today!
Click on the Youtube link.

KMC universe behavorial regulation 1.0.2
Visitors/residents within the KMC universe will maintain a high level of courtesy and respect towards the residents of the KMC universe and other visitors. Discrimination based upon gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, or age will not be tolerated. Violators are subject to immediate and permanent explusion.

KMC T design

Visitors can show proof of their visit to the KMC universe, get this cool design, and others as a T-shirt, bumper sticker, or a laminated bookmark, visit KMC Direct for your souvenir.

bountyhunter suqare

↑ Panel from
Bountyhunter 3-
Baptism by Hellfire.KMC Direct
is where you can get the book.

KMC Universal Charter
It is the responsibility and duty of every resident, traveler, and visitor within the KMC Universe to exist. Promote and construct an environment that induces creativity, innovation, and fulfilment for all within the KMC Universe and outlying galaxies as specified in Mandate 4E.
Residents within the KMC Universe are encouraged to foster positive, beneficial relationships with visitors in which should last an enternity. Residents are also responsible to build commercial relationships with neighboring universes and galaxies. Residents are encouraged to share concpets and technological ideas, while conveying the premise of behind the harmony of the KMC Universe.
Life experiences of KMC universe residents are to be shared with visitors and immigrants in order to demonstrate how the charter creates enviroments that lead to gworth, and the betterment of life throughout the KMC universe.

Charater fact
Bountyhunter's suit is what keeps him alive using the lethal radiation in his body as a power source.

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