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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

Most of the frequently asked question about Kiss Me Comix are listed here.
If you do not see your question, or want clarification on an answer, feel free to email us.
You can use the contact tab at the top section, the E-mail tab located in the menu.
Finally, you can click here.

Q: What is the story behind your logo?

A: Our now famous Lip Logo is based on our Flagship title Serenade, and how she kills, you can get the whole story here. The Kiss Me Comix logo has undergone a few changes over the years into its newest and most current form.

Q: Whose lips were used to design the logo?

A: Contrary to popular belief, those lips belong to Barbara Jenkins and NOT Robert Boyd.

Q: Does Excessive Force use weapons?

A: Yes, Excessive Force uses specially constructed batons that can produce electrical blasts, or a pump shotgun. Also concealed within his costume, gas pellets, smoke pellets.

Q: I think your books would look better if they were computer colored, why don't you that?

A: Because if all computers crashed and burned, we still could get our books out. Seriously, we see computer coloring as a coloring aid, not the tool. All of Serenade is done with water color, and other mixed media, visit the art gallery to see that no computer can replace the human touch.

Q: Where did Bountyhunter get that outfit he wears?

A: Bountyhunter got the Military Armor from an old childhood friend, Charles Jones, if your curious about it all came about click here.

Q: Is Bountyhunter a superhero type story?

A: No! We classify Bountyhunter as a science-fiction/action adventure.

Q: What information do you use to rate a book for mature readers ?

A: Parental common sense, being parents (Rod and Barbara), we are particular about what our own kids are exposed to. Also, most parents are stricter when it comes to their own child.

Q: So is it possible for a child to read Excessive Force or Serenade?

A: Hey, Trick Question! Yes, only when the parent is with the child and we talk to the parent, and the parent agrees that the child can read Excessive Force.
Serenade: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Serenade is for adults only, and we consider that to be 18 years of age on up.

Q: Where can I get your comics?

A: We do not publish comics, we publish Graphic Adventures. You can get our Adventures from us directly either when we attend a comic convention near you check our Convention Section located in Lip Service. You can get books directly from this site from our online store KMC Direct. Click either the online shopping tab in the menu section on the left, or click here.

Q: Are your books placed in any stores?

A: Yes we are, you can find Kiss Me Comix:
  • Chicago: Graham Crackers (loop location), Chicago Comics (Clark and Belmont)
  • Arizona: Samurai Comics.
  • Toronto, Canada : Silver Snail.

  • Web:

Q: What do you mean you don't publish comics? They look like comics.

A: According to "experts" within the comic book industry, Kiss Me Comix does not meet their "standards" also, according to the readers of mainstream comics, we are not comics. We consider that strange though since our art styles look no different than that of mainstream comics.

The "standards" that they cling to are nothing more than guidelines for their artists, which has been imposed on the market and the readers themselves. We see ourselves in a similar realm like Mange and comics that are published outside the U.S., We have grown tired of the debate, the constant stifling of our creativity, and the intolerance from those outside and inside the industry.

Kiss Me Comix seeks diversity from ourselves and readers, thus we publish Graphic Adventure Stories, which is the literal meaning of comics. However, the term gives rise to a more personal understanding for a reader as they must use thoughts, feelings, and internal interpretation for clarification, not some mantra forced down from some marketing group.

Thus with Graphic Adventure Story Publishing, Kiss Me Comix stands by our main reason for publishing, To give those who are tired of mainstream publishing an avenue to read stories that are as diverse as any individual. For those who think of Graphic Adventures beneath them to read, an opportunity to dispel myths, and open the door to some diverse, creative reading entertainment. Regardless of Age, gender, race, creed, etc. of the reader.

Q: I want to publish comics, what advice can you give me?

A: First, develop a thick skin. Criticism in this industry is often harsh and brutal, even from those who are friends and colleagues. Take it all in with a grain of salt. Those who you confide in consider it "tough love." the rest everyone has an opinion, consider the source and move on. Next, be honest with yourself, knowing what your weak points and not ignoring them will make you better. There is always room for improvement at any level.

Secondly, believe in your work. You are competing for the same readers as other publishers, if you don't believe in what you publish, how can you expect anyone to want to pick up your work and read it? Once, again be honest with yourself, if your work is not ready for publishing, don't go in thinking you're going to become the next Marvel. We are a work in progress, every issue Kiss Me Comix produces is a step towards getting better. that simple approach keeps KMC headed in the right direction, up.


Don't see your question posted up here? E-mail us and we'll respond to your question within 48 hours. Also, if your question stumps us, then your query will become question of the month and it will be posted here, along with our response.
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