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Marketing works when all the pieces fit together. Unfortunately, for most small businesses those pieces do not fit due to a variety of reasons, resulting in lost customers and revenue.

 Kiss Me Comix offers solutions for businesses to gather the pieces, fit them into packages, thus unlocking growth and revenue. 

 The opportunity is now to unlock the growth of your business, for those who already have an plan in place can click here. Otherwise, please read the overviews of each solution to see which solutions will work best for your business needs.

Marketing solutions within Kiss Me Comix are divided into three sections:

  • Print: 

  • Internet/E-mail

  • Podcast/You-Tube

Each solution has its own unique pricing structure however,  there two main factors that determine the overall cost of a solution package:

  • Base price of product(s)

  • Size of the business: Note the business size is determined by the overall size of the companies advertising budget and/or annual sales of the business.

The business size scale is as follows:

Annual sales/ Budget :

$0.00 to $1,000.000 =  Micro Business

$1,001.00 to $5,000.00 = Small Business

$5,001 and up = Corporation

Note: parameters used to determine business size may change due to economic conditions and factors, and will be changed if deemed necessary. 

NOTE: For more about Marketing solutions please contact Rod Jenkins at or call 773-982-8334. 

Print: The print solution includes advertisements/inserts printed/inserted within any publication(s) of Kiss Me Comix. Size of advertisements can range from business card, to a full page. The charge for an advertisement reservation is based on 1 issue per title. Clients wishing to reserve for more than one title and/or issue must clearly specify at the time of payment. 

Advertisements must also be submitted to the Sales department for approval. Kiss Me Comix can provide ad design services for clients in the event no ad is submitted, there may be an additional charge for these services. 

Clients who wish to calculate ad costs, solution/ad specifics, should refer to the Print Ad Section of KMC Direct.  

Internet/E-mail: Through Kiss Me Comix's web site, and its e-mail newsletter Lip Service, advertisers can reach thousands of new customers by placing banners, or text messages, one just one particular page or throughout the entire web site. The pricing for Internet solutions is different with Kiss Me Comix, where businesses will not be charged for impressions or clicks. Clients are charged :
  • For the base rate for the banner
  • Business size
  • Size of the Banner
  • The duration of visibility. (Banners stay visible for 30 days, unless multiple months are selected or renewed prior to ad expiration.)

Clients who choose the Internet/E-mail solution will receive a month end report showing how many clicks went to that particular advertisement showing the effectiveness of placement. Once again all advertisements are subject to approval, and banners MUST maintain a PG level, links to other sites must not link or redirect adult pornographic, hate, religious extremist, terror, political, or militia  sites. Banners containing such material will not be shown and taken down. Refer to the Internet-E-mail detail section to start the ad reservation process.

You-Tube/Podcast: Kiss Me Comix produces Lip Service, television show on the official Kiss Me Comix You-Tube channel broadcasting to all 50 states and 150 countries world wide. Lip Service is a Graphic Adventure based show in which the audience is in the (15-54) age area lasting 1 hour with 1 or 2 commercial breaks.

Lip Service is also on I-Tunes,  Facebook, RSS news feed, MySpace and various other social media outlets.

Clients have the option of either sponsoring a section of Lip Service, a whole show, or a radio advertisement. Clients can submit an advertisement (subject to approval) or have Kiss Me Comix produce a radio spot (Note: an additional fee may be required.) Please refer to Television/podcast advertisement section for ad reservation.

Solutions can be combined to create unique and comprehensive strategies that can maximize exposure, without depleting resources, discounts are available for multiple reservations and/or solution combinations.

NOTE: For more  information about Marketing solutions discounts, solution combination packages  please contact Rod Jenkins at or call 773-982-8334. 

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